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Project Angels


Project Angels

Project Angels are specifically trained in the understanding of the FP7-ICT Programme and EU funding mechanisms. The project Angels coaching course was developed in the Pro-Ideal project and continued during the Pro-Ideal Plus project.  Trained project Angels are locally established to help potential project participants with advice on how to proceed and they are supported by a team of expert Project Managers in Europe. During 2009 and 2011, 48 participants of the coaching course obtained the Diploma.

Have a look at the Project Angels in your country! The LinkedIn Group of the Project Angels The LinkedIn Group of Americas


The Voice of Project Angels

During the Summer Schools I and II Project Angels were present and spoke about their experiences as Project Angels. During the Summer School (I) of July 2012, Martin Virdis (Arg.), Aleandra Davidziuk (Arg.) and Leandro Ciuffo (Bra.) shared their experiences, while during the Summer School (II) of October 2013, Andrés Navarro (Col.) and Mauricio Montenegro (Col.) undertook that role. Please have a look to their testimony and click on the two videos below. You will be redirected to Youtube.
Summer School I, July 2012, Buenos Aires, Argentine
Summer School II, October 2013, Cartagena de las Indias, Colombia 

My experience as Project Angel I

My experience as Project Angel II


The Project Angels Summer School

The Project Angels Summer School is designed to meet the needs of the existing and future Project Angels. Existing Project Angels were asked (via skype conference calls) what areas or steps dealing with ICT projects they think need further coaching. Based on this feed-back, the methodology was refined, with focus on practical tasks that participants should carry out during the 2 days. The core idea is to have "simulation games" that simulate (parts of) a proposal writing and proposal assessment by groups of participants, and to simulate evaluation consensus meetings where the pros and cons of the proposal can be discussed. They will be shaped after real evaluation procedures (2 staff members of the partners have a long history as external experts for the ICT programme).

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