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Platform Governance

AMERICAS content is written collaboratively by project partners, contributors and users without geographical limits. Authorised  users can add content and, where foreseen, comment.
Editing policies

Due to its main scope - to promote an ICT Dialogue between Europe and America Latina - AMERICAS editing policies are slightly restricted in comparison to, for example, Wikipedia. Content creators can be categorised into TWO groups, each with a different "activities portfolio":

Group 1: Webmaster/Administrator: Members of this group include the portfolio of Group 2 plus can add/edit/delete static web pages; accredit contributors; take down unrelated, unlawful or outdated content.
Group 2: Contributors: Can create articles; can edit articles; can contribute to all other sections on the platform

Taking down/deleting content:
AMERICAS is a platform dedicated to the promotion of an ICT dialogue between Europe and America Latina. Thus, contributions must be related to this. Any other content will be taken down. Where there is a doubt about the lawfulness of content (e.g. up-loaded pictures or documents that might be © protected), this content will be equally taken down. Furthermore, outdated content (e.g. events announcements) will be deleted.

Rights and obligations of contributors and users:
AMERICAS is a collaborative effort that benefits most where most users are involved. Thus, users are consumers and creators and controllers. They should display the necessary diligence that they would use in their normal business activities to keep the standard level of contributions high. However, they cannot be held responsible for any use made of their contributions (see Disclaimer).


The AMERICAS portal complies with EU legislation concerning privacy and data protection. If you are logged in, you will be identified by your user name. This may be your real name if you so choose or you may choose to publish under a pseudonym or acronym, whatever user name you selected when you created your account. Your e-mail address under which you registered is not visible to the users of the platform. The platform does not support direct contacts among users. If a user wants to contact another user outside a Blog or Forum or for another purpose, (s)he can contact the webmaster (under "contact us").

IPR - Intellectual Property Rights
The AMRICAS portal is based on the sharing and collaborative paradigm of Web 2.0 tools. Thus, its content is open to the public according to the principles of Creative Commons non-commercial licence ( Where text is identified as, reference is made to, or a quotation made of a source that is identified, the © of the source is applicable. This is equally valid for links' targets and their content. Where in doubt, contact the webmaster or the given copyright owner.
The technical infrastructure of AMERICAS portal  is based on Drupal Open Source. Drupal is based on the open source philosophy of collaborative free software development and is licensed under the GPL ( Drupal is itself open source and builds on and supports other open source projects. Specifically, Drupal is coded in the open source scripting language PHP and supports as primary data sources the open source database formats MySQL and Postgresql. For more details, see:

The aim and purpose of the AMERICAS portal  is to promote an ICT Dialogue between Europe and America Latina. It is intended to provide relevant information to anyone involved or interested in the ICT programme of FP7 or European projects in general and to provide these users with tools that give them information on and support to the ICT programme, European project proposal writing, partner search etc. The AMERICAS portal  is created as a support action project under FP7 ICT programme, funded by the European Commission. The project partners endeavour to deliver a high level service. This is reflected in the access rules to change informative content as well as to the general requirement of registration. Notwithstanding these precautions, no guarantee can be given on the correctness or completeness of the information provided and neither the European Commission nor the platform provider can be held responsible or may be held accountable for the use it is made of, nor any loss or damage suffered as a result of reliance upon the services of the AMERICAS portal . In particular, whereas the highest diligence is used as far as up-loaded documents or hyperlinks are concerned, the platform providers and good-faith users and contributors cannot be held liable for any infringement of existing laws caused on or by linked pages or documents.
Furthermore, please note that any information provided does not necessarily reflect the official position of the European Commission.

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