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EUROLAT Parliamentary Assembly - Round Table on the role of women


Round Table:  The inclusion of women in the EU-Latin American development

Left: An "old lady" of the Salon Arturo Prat.
Center: the Mayor of Santiago, Ms. Carolina Tohá.
Right: Welcome speech by Fernando Morales, president of the Salón Arturo Prat. 
On the occasion of the Round Table on the inclusion of women in the EU-Latin American Development, co-organised by Isabel Recavarren, President of CEFIAL, the Salon Arturo Prat organised a lunch before, attended by illustrious guests, among them Edite Estrela, MEP and member of the EUROLAT Assembly; Carolina Tohá, Mayor of Santiago de Chile; Don Fernando Morales, Lawyer and President of the Salon Arturo Prat; her excellency, the Austrian Ambassador in Chile, Dr. Dorothea Auer, and many more. The discussion on the role of women in the EU-LAC relations plays a crucial role in the further development of both regions and was brought to the fore by this important initiative. It entered the Action Plan 2013-2015 that for the first time included a gender issue.
Left: The Round Table, with initiator Isabel Recavarren and Edite Estrela, MEP.
Right: At the Santiago Polo Club: Margaretha Mazura, Fernando Morales, Edite Estrela.