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Call for Papers




According to Santiago choices, four working topics were selected:

  1. Foster the bi-regional integration of Higher Education (includes topics such as universal values and cultural diversity Concept-Paper The Shared Humanism; Concept-Paper Multilungual and Multicultural University in contemporary society ).
  2. Promoting the bi-regional integration of systems for scientific research Concept Paper Education & Research, technology and innovation Concept-Paper Workshop Innovation (with sub-topics such as Universities as promoters of innovation and creativity, with the aim of sustainable development Concept-Paper Natural ressources and environmental sustainability in the LAC Region).
  3. Bi-regional Collaboration between Institutions of Higher Education and their relations to society Concept-Paper Educatin & Research, in particular the productive sector (with sub-topics such as Innovation and IPR Concept-Paper Innovation and IPR; technologies as enablers and facilitators Concept-Paper ICT as facilitator and enabler; social roles of universities in the XXIst century Concept-Paper Societal role of universities).
  4. Academic world and public sector and policies (with sub-topics such as Education for social inclusion Concept-Paper Education for social inclusion: pre-scholar and pre-university pedagogies, teachers ‘training and lifelong, graduate employability dynamics Concept-Paper Employability).


During the panels, exhibitions were held by academics previously defined in the program. In the thematic workshops, all participants will hold free interventions specific to each group subjects.

Format: Abstracts of no more than 500 words to any of the topics, sub-topics or related topics
Deadline: 17 May 2015

Please submit Abstract Form to: info[at]