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Academic Summit 2015


The second EU-CELAC Academic Summit was held on 8/9 June 2015 in Brussels, with the participation of high dignitaries from academica, governments, public institutions and the private sector. As a result, the "Declaration of Brussels", solemnly read in the Gothic Hall of the Brussels Townhall, was handed over to the representatives of Government on 10 June 0215.


ATTENTION: Venue change 8 June Morning:  NOT European Parliament BUT:

ICHEC - Brussels Management School, boulevard Brandt Whitlock n°4 see map


 Second Academic Summit Latin America and Caribbean – European Union



 Brussels - 8 & 9 June 2015

Towards a Euro-Latin American &Caribbean

common space for higher education, science,

technology and innovation


The Brussels Academic Summit is coordinated by a Belgian Local Organizing Committee and the Executive Secretariat Permanent Academic Forum EU-LAC, with the support of the EU-LAC Foundation. The organizers invite all academic institutions and persons from higher education level (universities, higher Schools, research Centers and Networks) from the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean to participate to this Second Academic Summit in Brussels on the 8 and 9 June 2015, in the context of the UE-CELAC Summit of the Head of State and Government (10-11 June).



1. The 2nd Summit of Heads of State and Government of the European Union (EU) and the Community of Latin America and Caribbean States (CELAC) – 8th bi-regional Summit since the first in Rio de Janeiro in 1999 – will take place in Brussels on 10-11 June 2015 under the theme "Shaping our Common Future: Working for Prosperous, Cohesive and Sustainable Societies for our Citizens". In the context of the 2013 Summit of Santiago de Chile, the first Academic Summit between the two regions was held as a bottom-up initiative, organized by a consortium of Chilean universities at the Central University of Chile. It was prepared in 2012 by two meetings (Paris in June and Lima in October), following the same spontaneous process of side events such as the Business Summit, the Legal Community Summit and the Civil Society Summit. The purposes of that Academic event was to impulse and strengthen the ongoing ALCUE Common Area of Higher Education, launched in Rio de Janeiro in 1999 and consecutive initiatives undertaken by authorities from both regions. All the papers presented to this first Academic Summit were published in the book “Hacia un Espacio Eurolatinoamericano para la Educación Superior, Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación”

2. As a result of its deliberations, the First Academic Summit adopted the Declaration of Santiago expressing "the strong willingness of universities, cooperation networks and centres, and academics, gathered here, to enhance through convergence and coordination of their work, a "Euro-Latin American-Caribbean space for higher education, science, technology and innovation", considering that these activities “should be a cornerstone of the Strategic Partnership for Latin America and the Caribbean and the European Union". Four areas for actions were identified: Higher education; science, technology and innovation; roles of academic institutions for society; and academic institutions and public policies. An action Plan with 16 concrete proposals was agreed upon. For ensuring their implementation the Permanent Academic Forum was created with an Executive Secretary. Recently, in the preparatory Seminar held in Guadalajara an Academic Council was established as well as 4 Permanent Working Groups along the 4 identified areas in order to maintain the dialogue across the academic communities and to generate a flow of proposals from all academic institutions which want to participate.

3. The purpose of this second Academic Summit is to broaden and make progress in the implementation of the proposals issued in the Santiago Summit for establishing the EU-CELAC common space for higher education, science, technology and innovation. In particular, the Summit points to incentive both academic communities to work together for meeting this goal. All academic persons are invited to send proposals or papers for contributing to such a cooperative Project.

4. At the meeting, after discussion, will be presented to the Heads of State and Government a document with ideas and proposals from the academic community with the objective to progress towards this common Space and contribute to the concretization of the bi-regional Strategic Alliance.

5. In the organization of this Academic Summit two preparatory Seminars were organized. The first took place in Bucharest, Romania, on May, 2014, and the second in Guadalajara, Mexico, on November, 2014. The book collecting the 70 papers discussed in Santiago was released and diffused in paper and electronic versions.

6.  The modalities for compulsory registration (exclusively through the website using the links below) and a preliminary version of the program are indicated here below. Attached to this call are the Santiago Declaration, the results of the preparatory seminar of Bucharest and the Synthesis of Guadalajara.



  1. Participation is free and open to all universities, research centres, associations, scientific networks and academic persons from the countries members of the European Union and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).
  2. An individual previous registration is compulsory for everybody (before 17 May) only through the form on the website.
  3. Each participant must finance his/her participation (travel, stay, transfers). The Organizing Committee in Belgium will organize the event coordination, venues, logistics, schedule and management support.