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Academic Summit 2013


The Academic Summit held 22/23 January in Santiago de Chile, was hosted by the Universidad Central de Chile, a private university in the city centre of Santiago. 

Left: Each event was opened with the National Anthem of Chile; 
Center: Plenary Academic Summit
Right: The opening panel featured the participation of the Rector of the Universidad Central, R. Rosell (centre), left of him the President of the EUROLAT Assembly of the European Parliament, J.I. Salafranca; right of R. Rosell, A. Bárcena, Executive Secretary of CEPAL, next to her B. Ferrero-Waldner, President of the EU-LAC Foundation.
After the plenary, the Academic Summit tackled five crucial topics for the academic relations EU-CELAC:
- Reality and Perspectives of the EU-LAC Strategic Partnership
- The development of the Euro-Latin American Higher Education. Policies, programs and mechanisms (Mobility, Recognitions, Degrees).
- Cooperation in Science, Technology, Research and Innovation and the Horizon 2020 Programme. Policies, programmes and mechanisms
- Forging an effective Partnership between Academia and Public institutions
- The University-Industry Relationship for Training, Innovation and Technology Transfer
For more details about the speakers, see the programme.
Presentations of these panels were discussed the next day in parallel Working Groups. 
AMERICAS was represented by EMF: Margaretha Mazura chaired the Working Group on "relation between University and enterprises for the professional training, innovation and technology transfer, and was rapporteur of it in the final plenary session.
From left to right: Jorge Quevedo, Universidad de Guadalajara, México. Margaretha Mazura, EMF; Florence Pinot, CERALE, Institut des Amériques, France. 
The Academic Summit ended in the Declaration of Santiago that, amongst other topics, emphasised the cross-institutional collaboration, e.g. between academia, public sector and enterprises. In its last paragraph, it put the focus on the role that new technologies are playing as facilitators and cataysts. 
A publication with the results from the Academic Summit is planned soon.
Left: Two Austrians in Chile: Dr. B. Ferrero-Walder, President of the EU-LAC Foundation in conversation with Margaretha Mazura
Right: Participants at the Academic Summit 2013.