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About us

The EU-LAC Innovation Portal is the continuation of more than 6 years of dialogue in the ICT area between the EU and Latin America. It is hosted by EMF, the Forum of e-Excellence, a non-profit, private organisation that supports the internationalisation of European innovative SMEs in ICT, and fosters the cross-stakeholder approach for a mutually beneficial dialogue between the two regions.

Participation in the platform is open to all qualified bodies and individuals. If you are interested, please fill in the form.

ABOUT the former project: The AMERICAS - LatinAMerica-EuRope Ict Cooperation Advanced Strategies – project aimed at supporting sustainable ICT policy dialogues and fostering ICT R&D cooperation between the EU and strategic partner countries in Latin America, by enabling new synergies and effective collaboration through policy makers, researchers and key stakeholders networks in ICT and international cooperation.It covered all countries with a bi-lateral S&T Agreement in the region (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico) plus Colombia. The project ended in October 2013 but the efforts will be continued and the platform maintained as "EU-LAC Innovation Platform".


Platform supporters: The AMERICAS platform will continue as "EU-LAC Innovation Platform":

Exsource Group, El Salvador G&L Group, Argentina
Universidad de la Fundación ISALUD, Argentina Alcaldía de Manizales, Colombia
ISIS Ingeniería, Spain Escuela Superior Franciscana Especializada / AGAPE, El Salvador
MEDISIST, Mexico Centro de Emprendedores - Facultad de Ingeniería - UBA, Argentina
Parque del Emprendimiento, Colombia Agencia Municipal de Ciencia y Tecnología de Bahía Blanca, Argentina
CAMTIC, Costa Rica eInstituto - Instituto Latinoamericano de Comercio Electrónico
Telefonica I+D, Spain City of Knowledge at the University of São Paulo, Brazil
Universidad del Bío Bío, Chile EUBrazilOpenBio, Open Data and Cloud Computing e-Infrastructure for Biodiversity
ONUDI, Bureaux de Promotion des investissements et de la technologie, France M-Inclusion, between Europe and Latin America

DINERO MOVIL 2013 - Lima, Bogota and Mexico City. EUBrasil, between Europe and Brazil

Disclaimer, Terms and conditions

The AMERICAS project was co-funded by the FP7-ICT Programme of the European Commission.